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16 August, 2019

European open – Trade, recession, FTSE open fail

Markets calm as FTSE fails to open Recession fears are alive and well but Friday is off to a more relaxed start, perhaps a sign that investors alread…

16 August, 2019

The eye of the hurricane

Robust retail sales data from the United States overnight stopped the rot to some extent on global markets after the previous day’s route on equity m…

15 August, 2019

US Open – Trade war, yield curves, gold, oil

China kicks investors while they’re down Jitters have well and truly set in and equity markets are suffering the consequences as investors head…

15 August, 2019

European open – Yield curves, markets, data

Yield curve panic settles for now European markets opened slightly higher on Thursday but I’m not expecting a particularly calm session after p…
Craig Erlam

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